These terms and conditions will be updated from time to time without notice.


  1. We are affiliated to JKA WF Australia and are by that also governed by their rules and regulations.
  2. These terms and conditions can change at any time in which case an email communication will go out to all members.


  1. Only students from Varsity College can join the after school class.
  2. Because the after school classes are part of the school's after-hours program, only students in prep - year six are allowed.
  3. Although we are a Traditional Karate School, because this is an after school program, our classes for the after school program will only be available on school-going days, which means that our classes will run during the school term only.
  4. There will not be any classes on Public Holidays.
  5. Membership is for one school term only. At the end of each school term, every student must renew their membership.
  6. Class days and times can change from each school term.
  7. The membership fee is for one class per week only; however, we allow students to attend on all days we make available for that school term. 
    1. 'So if you register you get your one day for the week, maybe we offer four days (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) that term. You will be able to attend all four of the days.'

Money Back Guarantee

  1. The 14 days does not start when payment is made but rather on the day the first available class falls.
  2. To cancel your membership and get a full refund you must send an email or text indicating your intention on or before the 14th-day deadline.
  3. We will not hand out or make available any membership inclusions like the Free Karate uniform indicated on our website or any special offer before the 14-day trial runs out. To receive any of the inclusions, for example, the Free Karate uniform before the money-back guarantee period expires, you can email or text us to indicate that you wave the 14-day guarantee.
  4. If you use a FairPlay voucher, the fee will not be refundable. Only the out of pocket portion will be refunded.

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